Over the years, I have accumulated many home remedies for curing all sorts of illnesses. I turn to prescription drugs only as a last resort and I encourage everyone to try home remedies as a means of first defense.

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As a midwife, my patients are always looking for a natural cure and I try to make sure that I have one for them, though it’s not always easy, I do my best. And nine times out of ten I’ll have one. And as a midwife, my goal is to keep mother and baby as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy and labor.

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My Mother was a midwife in a fairly large town and delivered over 580 babies. My Grandmother was a doctor in a small town. They both have past on to me many home remedies for curing, some that are well known, but also many that are not so well known to the general public. My quest is to introduce to the world the great many alternative cures for healing. I’ve seen what pharmaceutical prescription drugs can do to the human body and wish that people move away from these and persue a more natural perspective for healing their bodies.

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You’ll find on the left side a list of ailments, choose one that you’d like a home remedy for curing. Make sure you read the directions properly and apply in the recommended manner. It’s always smart to consult with a medical practitioner, preferably one that encourages natural remedies. If there are any cures you are looking for that are not listed but would like a home remedy, please feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to either email you back or make a post regarding your request.

God bless, and enjoy these home remedies for curing.