Acne Scars

After using this home remedy for curing acne scars, you’ll wonder why so many people suffer from this. This home remedy is so easy and  is one of the biggest kept secrets in the medical community because acne scar removal is big business. If everyone knew how easy it was to get rid of these scars, there would be a lot of lost money.

Of all the ingredients that you’ll need to gather up, you need to make sure that you use distilled water (not tap water) and extra virgin olive oil. Then mix in the other 6 ingredients and keep it in the refrigerator so it can settle. Then begin procedure after the 12 hours.

I remember the first time gave this home remedy to my neighbor’s daughter, she was crying so much because the kids at school were making fun of her bad acne scars. She used this remedy and the scars went away by the end of the week. She’s now an adult, but swears by it and calls me often to thank me for showing her how to clear up her skin.

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1 itty

Thank you so much, this worked for most of my scars, the only problem is that I still have one deep one on my cheek. Do I need to continue the process longer or is it impossible to get rid of it. please someone.

2 gtblazer

Thank you so very much. Noticed a difference after 4 days. Thank you!

3 kimberly stalinski

I don’t know, my skin just got lighter. Does it actually get rid of the scars? I’m on day 2 now, will it be differnent by the end of the week???

4 bearski




5 Laura


6 peter

thanks, i’ll try this next week. I hope this really works.

7 oliviaNEWTON

thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

8 chocolate lover

this is my first day and i swear i already notice a difference. please please let this work more

9 Fallina

i appreciate you Zandra. you make life much happier.

10 Carey Canary

thank you sooooooooooooo much for this.

Carey Vanderbilt

11 terri j.

thank you
thank you
thank you……..

12 Jon

I think it still works with tap water. I didn’t have distilled water, still noticed a difference. Gonna try distilled water and report back. Thanks, I think I’m going to have my life back soon 🙂

13 katy

Just to let you know, I didn’t have the extra virgin olive oil so I used grape seed oil and I think it still worked because I noticed a bit of a difference. I’ll try the olive oil once I can find some and I’ll report back. Thanks for giving me some hope.

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