Bulimia Nervosa

This is a highly controversial home remedy for curing Bulimia Nervosa. Probably most medical doctors will tell you that this does not work, without even trying it on one of their patients. This was something my Mother had learned from an old woman she had worked with. It deals a little bit about the theory of reflexology, which has to do with curing the body through the feet and also with the pH balance of the body.

I should note that this is not a one time cure, it will take about a week to totally eliminate your brains desire for cravings. And depending on your severity, it could take longer. I’ve had cases were my patients lost their cravings within 3 days and others that have taken almost a month.

Anyways, just make sure you have a good idea of the pH balance of your body, if you’re not sure go to a doctor to get it tested properly. Then make sure you consume the acidic foods that I have listed and cut out all other foods that might be basic.

Also, make sure the string is not wrapped around too tightly on your foot or you’ll end up cutting off the circulation and causing a bunch of other problems for yourself.

It also good to see a counselor or a therapist with any kind of eating disorder, especially if the problem comes back.

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