Cracked Lips

This is such an easy lip balm home remedy to cure cracked lips. This is almost exactly what all the big companies use in their lip balm compounds, the only difference is that they add a little bit of flavoring to it so then it’s a little bit different than the others.

When you make up your first batch of these ingredients, it should last a long time, probably a month or more. You won’t need that long, only a couple days, but you can store it for a few months. Also, I need to make sure you do not store this in a plastic container, it must always be metal or glass. The plastic, if heated in any way, will allow the molecules in the plastic to seep into the lip balm solution.

Another thing, I’ve had people ask if they can put their own flavoring or perfume into this natural home remedy to cure cracked lips and I do not recommend it at all. Always try and add little if anything else to this to make it as effective as possible.

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