Get ready to clear out your medicine cabinet of all those pills that claim to cure your diarrhea. This home remedy¬† for curing diarrhea will help within 2 hours. When you have diarrhea, it’s your bodies way of trying to eliminate something in your body and fast. People think that they need to stop it but with this remedy it will absorb the excess liquid and even help the body to do it’s job correctly.

These specific 2 vegetables and 1 fruit are high in fiber and work together in the body to absorb excess liquid. And I must stress that it must be exactly each of all three and not one or the other, it will not be effective with out these 3 combined together. I recommend that you do not cook any of these and to make sure you¬† eat them raw. Any kind of heat will change the structure of the fiber that needs to do it’s job.

And one last thing. This home remedy for curing diarrhea should not be given to infants or even toddlers as their digestive systems are still very immature. Recommended for young teenagers, adults, pregnant women, and seniors.

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