This is a wonderful home remedy for curing insomnia that works almost instantly. You just boil up these 3 vegetables and drink the broth that is left over. It tastes similar to tea, but it has a saltier taste to it. You can also eat the vegetables too which are high in vitamins D and C. Then after 30 minutes of drinking the broth you’ll become very sleepy.

This will work on most kinds of insomnia caused by many things including hormones, stimulants, or stress. I have found throughout my career, many new Moms are having trouble getting proper sleep and become over tired or are having difficulty getting accustomed to the hormone changes so they suffer from insomnia. I give them this home remedy, and it works every time. This remedy can work for anyone who is having trouble sleeping.

For this home remedy for curing insomnia to work properly, I recommend that you boil these 3 vegetables an hour before you sleep and then drink it shortly after it will be more effective. I’m not sure why, but if you let the broth cool it will not work, so it needs to be used right away.

Now get some sleep.

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