Nail Fungus

Here, I show you an easy home remedy for curing nail fungus, it doesn’t matter if it’s on your hands or feet, works for both. Normally it takes about two weeks for it to be completely removed, but I’ve seen in some cases disappearing in a week. I guess it just depends on how diligent you are with the process.

I’ve had a few women while during their later stage of pregnancy develop a nail fungus, mostly on their feet, because of the difficulty in bathing and cleaning properly. And this home remedy has worked very effectively for them.

Remember, the solution that you see I use has a low pH level due to the vinegar so you should not soak the infected area. And do NOT dilute the solution at all, I can’t stress that enough. Then use the dropper like I show you. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application and keep the area as dry as possible.

Another home remedy for curing nail fungus involves using de-colorized iodine or clear iodine. This is also very effective but difficult to find this particular iodine at your local store. I’ll try to make a how to post in the near future. Until then use this one that I have shown you.

Nail Fungus Home Remedy

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