Panic Disorder Natural Treatment

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who suffer from Panic Disorder, I have a simple, but temporary Natural Treatment for you. You’ll be able to fool your mind into focusing on something else entirely different. It will work anywhere from 3 minutes to as much as 30 minutes. I recommend you do this anytime you start to feel panicky or just before you think you might be in a situation where it could start.

I say it’s only temporary because this is a psychological issue and there is no known cure, but with this treatment you can “trick” yourself for a small length of time. Basically, you will be occupying your brain for a while and won’t be able to focus on anything else.

Closely watch my hand and my thumb. You’ll see that I open and close my hand slowly and only 5 times. My thumb is stroking the fabric in a counter clockwise motion. And make sure you follow the breathing motion, that’s the key. You can do this either standing or sitting, it won’t matter. I do it standing but it’s just so you can see it better. Overall, this should only take you 30 to 45 seconds and if done properly, no one while even notice.

As a side note, I don’t recommend you try this Natural Treatment for Panic Disorder when you are driving or operating any kind of heavy machinery. And also while you eat or drink as it can affect peristalsis.

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