Pregnancy Test

Now, I know this is not a cure, but I figured I’d list this on here as a lot of women are throwing their money away on expensive home pregnancy tests. This is a natural home remedy pregnancy test that has an accuracy level of about 90%. I tell my ladies to do this test about 3 times in a row to get the greatest level of accuracy. Most of the ingredients you probably already have in your medicine cabinet.

Basically what this home remedy tests for is the same thing as those tests you buy in the store. Your hCG levels in your urine skyrocket almost exponentially when you are pregnant and this will test for those high levels.

When you ground up the Tylenol, make sure you add the hydrogen peroxide to it and not the other way around, just like I do in the video. If you do it wrong then the color will not change to indicate that you are pregnant. The other ingredients should be already in the hydrogen peroxide solution.

And you can add the mixture directly into the toilet (as long as you didn’t have a bowl movement) if it changes to a dark blue color that means you’re pregnant.

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