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Now, I know this is not a cure, but I figured I’d list this on here as a lot of women are throwing their money away on expensive home pregnancy tests. This is a natural home remedy pregnancy test that has an accuracy level of about 90%. I tell my ladies to do this test about 3 times in a row to get the greatest level of accuracy. Most of the ingredients you probably already have in your medicine cabinet.

Basically what this home remedy tests for is the same thing as those tests you buy in the store. Your hCG levels in your urine skyrocket almost exponentially when you are pregnant and this will test for those high levels.

When you ground up the Tylenol, make sure you add the hydrogen peroxide to it and not the other way around, just like I do in the video. If you do it wrong then the color will not change to indicate that you are pregnant. The other ingredients should be already in the hydrogen peroxide solution.

And you can add the mixture directly into the toilet (as long as you didn’t have a bowel movement) if it changes to a dark blue color that means you’re pregnant.

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1 sally

Thank u so much. It works!


Actually my great-grandma told me about this years ago. She said it was very popular in her day.

3 megs

Can you use a generic tylonol? or does it have to be tylonol??

4 Gina Davis

It said negative, but I’ll try again to be sure 🙂

5 pauly

i can’t afford a home pregnancy test, i hope this’ll work

6 hoemva9ow0

i’ve done it 4 times now, and it keeps turning blue. i guess i’m prego? what now 😐

7 linda

thanks for this

8 Alicia

negative 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

9 i love her

my gf and i think we could be pregnant. i’m gonna get her to try this since stores where i live don’t sell to kids under 16

10 audry

all i see is blue, does that really mean i’m prego? could it be wrong?

11 Carey Canary


12 coal

it looks like it’s a light blue color. does that mean i’m pregnant? please tell me no.

13 He loves me alot

Thank u so much we really need more Midwifes like u. You have no ideal your like a best friend that always give’s us very good advice. You have a very wonderful day Mrs. Zandra Holty thx once again

14 Ty

I had my period Dec 11th. Dec 16th I had unprotected. Week later Dec 24th, had my second period. January & February I had my period. But in March I missed. Is there a chance I might be pregnant anyway? Would this be useful right now for me?

15 Mandy

Is this similar to what is used in the pregnancy tests you buy at the store? It sure seems like it.

16 destiny

thanks. i was trying to find something that i could do and with nobody finding out.

17 ginger123

this is perfect, thank you. we’ve been trying to get have a baby for so long and those pregnancy tests you buy in the stores can get expensive over time.

Thanks for the tip.

18 mindy springs

sooo, if it’s not dark blue then that means you’re not pregnant? i just want to make sure because i didn’t notice any blue color. i guess that means i’m not.

19 cathy s.

i’m going to try this tonight.

20 lynne j.


21 Kristan Mayweathers

Thanks, but I have a question. I tried this twice last night and was wondering how accurate is this? A couple of my friends swear by this but I was just curious, is there like a percentage to go by? Like the ones you buy in the store are 99.9% accurate.

22 Emily wants baby #3!

Does this really work? I am so about to try it. I just took a store-bought preg test and it was invalid, meaning no line showed up in the control window OR the result window. My hubs and I have been trying for baby #3 for almost 2 months now. I had no trouble getting pregnant with my older children, 7 years and 5 years old. Those store bought tests get pretty expensive when you have to buy them all the time. Thanks!

23 Denise Saunders

Just to let you know, it still works with just half the peroxide that you recommended.

24 Deedra Saunderson

I’m so scared to try this. I’m worried that it will say I’m not pregnant when I really could be. How accurate is this? Thanks.

25 kelsey

Can u use exedrin?

26 KayBug

Can it be Tylenol pm??? its all i got…

27 mickala

hi were can i buy these’s things from to make the solution ? im unsure what tylenol is also hydroen proxide ??

28 Amber

So I think I could be pregnant but when I tried I used a generic tylinal would that still work? Because I tried it and it turned like a light yellow should I try again with a real tylina?

29 Leanna

I am planning on trying this later however how many weeks should i wait? will it show results within 1 week of possibly being pregnant?

30 Carrie

McKayla–You can get tylenol (acetmenophen) at any drugstore, same thing with hydrogen peroxide. Tylenol is a pain reliever and Hydrogen Peroxide is a disinfectant. I’ve never tried this method, but with household items that we need anyway, I’m willing to try. Wish me luck, cuz I think it’s time I finally had a girl after 3 boys!

31 Jessica

Does it have to be tylenol or can you use Mortin?
I dont have tylenol D:

32 turquoise

How long should you wait after having unprotected to do this

33 paige brown

Can I use advil?

34 Briana

hope this works

35 ashlie

What about ibuprofen? Lol

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