This is the one of the home remedies I use for curing my own bouts of sleeplessness. I can almost guarantee that within 30 minutes of drinking this, you’ll fall asleep. It’s almost funny how well it works. I can remember one time when I gave my husband this remedy, no word of a lie, within 15 minutes in the middle of his conversation with me he just stopped dead and started snoring. Of course he wasn’t dead, but if he didn’t snore I would have thought so.

Now, you’ve probably seen other remedies call for you to use olive oil in your milk, but I use melted butter not margarine. I think that’s the biggest thing that helps along with the other 3 ingredients that I mentioned. And only a small amount of salt as there is already salt in the butter.

Remember to use only a small amount of milk, no more than one cup. Anything more and you’ll have to use the washroom in the middle of the night and that might make you not able to sleep after. Good luck and good night 🙂

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