Small Breasts

BREASTS– This is an easy home remedy for curing small breasts or  making your breast appear larger. You just apply the natural homemade ointment to the breast area at night just before you go to bed. It stimulates the glands in the breasts to increase in size and you’ll notice a “big” difference within 2 weeks. And like most other home remedies, you probably already have all the ingredients at home in your cupboard.

I remember my mother giving me this ointment to try when she found out I was sad that my breasts hadn’t started to grow. I remember after the first week being so surprised that I was starting to get a noticeable difference in my breast size. I was so happy.

This ointment can be used for anyone, it’s even good for those women who need to firm up their breasts. And I’ve speculated that it’s good for reducing the chances of getting breast cancer.

I just wanted to say thanks to my Mother for this home remedy that cures small breasts. Thanks Mom!

Curing Small Breasts Home Remedy

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1 brenda ramirez

hey im 16 and i too am unhappy about my breast i am also thinking about buying pills that help ur breast grow but i dont have the money

2 Chancey

OMG!!! Thank you so much.

3 Alicia

All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Jenn L.

I appreciated all your help, thank you Zandra.

5 Kelly Belly

I did actually notice a difference. I hope they’ll notice when I go back to school this fall.

6 linda

I tried it and didn’t really notice a difference. I guess I can’t complain since it didn’t cost anything.


I worked. WOW!

8 H8 M8T

Cool, I’m going to try this tonight. I hope it really works ’cause nothing else has.


9 lover

All I can say is:




Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

10 Sammmmy


11 Anna

I didn’t notice a difference but my boyfriend sure did, but he’s a pig.



13 kasey

I’m gonna try this and I’ll report back.

14 Tania Marconi

I just wanted to mention that I tried this with my husband and we actually had a lot of fun doing it 😉

Thanks for the home remedy.

15 Gina Davis

My old bras are tighter now.

16 mary from ohio

I just wanted to thank you, my daughter used to be so upset with the size of her breasts, now she’s much more confident. She walks around with pride. Thank you for giving her hope.

Very thankful,

17 sahvannah

im going to try this.. I sure hope this works..Thanks

18 Sarah


Thank you! I am sixteen and I’m now a 36B. Finally…………..


19 Sarah

Thank you, Zandra! This worked! My breasts used to be in the As. Now their in the Bs! The only reason I did this is NOT for boys, but so I could be more confident. My friends were all developing and used to make fun of me for being a 34A and now I’m a 34B! Eek! Thanks . . . and for the other tips, too. Thanks…!


Hi, I am karan. I want to suggest this formula to my girlfriend. But how do I tell her without insulting her??

21 bonny

thank you!!!!!!!!!!

22 ashley

i have no boobs at all and i’m 13, and i want them to grow way faster, will it work on them?

23 bree

thank you so much!

24 jackie

Wow im going to try this today!! Thanks sooo much 🙂

25 meme

im going to try this i hope it works

26 kaylynn

im soo gunna try this thank u soo much 🙂

27 diana

im going to try because all these girls make fun of me but il see how this works out!

28 Karmen

im gonna try it tonight 🙂

29 ali

is there a certain time of day that works best or just at night? doing it at night just is too difficult since i work nights.

30 kierra.

interesting, i’ll try this weekend.

thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

31 Desiree

i did notice a bit of a difference, but it’s been only a few weeks. maybe i need to keep doing it longer?

32 Caly

I can’t wait to try this. I’m gonna use it this weekend. I really hope it’s as good as I’ve been hearing. (fingers crossed)

33 hazelle

well, I’m not sure if I noticed a huge difference but I think there is a little bit more size on the bottom of my breasts. I guess that’s good, but I was hoping for the top.

34 girlie

well, honestly, I was skeptical at first but now all I can say is WOW! It’s funny, the simplest things that you think wouldn’t work, do end up being better than you thought.

just wanted to add my thanks from the bottom of my heart, just when i thought nothing would help.

35 Carly

I really want a size 36C or 36D! I tried this but barely noticed a difference after 3 days. I need this soo bad anyone if you have small boobs you’ll understand my pain. My mom has 36DD my sister (20 years old) is a 36C, I’m 15 and a 32A. It sucks. I’m done growing but I want boobs! Please please help me!

36 Kate

i’m trying to use this on only one of my breasts since one seems to be small then the other. i just want to make sure it would be safe to do so?

37 Sammi Tri


38 unknown

i read about this on wikipedia and i know it works really well with teenage girls, but does it also work with older women such as myself (late 30’s)?.

39 Too Big

i’m not sure if this is in the right place. my problem isn’t that i have small breasts, but rather, too large. do you have any sort of remedy that could work for that?

40 hi

i don’t want my parents to find out about me doing this. do you think if i tried this, they’d be able to find out?

41 midori

^ Hi hi, you shouldn’t have to hide anything from your parents, especially this. If you’re feeling self conscious about your breast size, you should tell someone. You really should give this a try, it does work. And if you must know, you can do it without anyone knowing at all. There’s just no way.

42 asma

Thank you so much for the helping me with my small breasts, I think I actually did notice a difference, even if it was just a little. At least I know there’s some hope!!

43 Tiffany

I Am 17 And Still A Size A I’ll Try Anything.

44 Shannon

:p im 11 years old and i only have little buds. will this work on me? please help! (:

45 kiana

hey i saw so many comments so i figured id just give it a try. glad i did. thanks.

46 Jaine Malicard

Just wanted to say thank you. I don’t think anyone else noticed a difference in my breast size but I sure did. Even if it is all just psychological, it’s given me more self confidence.

Peace be with you,

47 tripti

would this also increase the size of my nipple areola size? i heard if your breasts grow larger, so does this? Anyone know if that’s true?

48 soniya


49 Lucy x

This might sound dumb, but is there any kind of side effects that might happen from trying this?

50 Jasmine

^Lucy X when I tried it, I didn’t have any problems, no side effect. You’ll be fine. Most of this stuff is even okay to eat, so I can’t see any harm happening to anyone.

51 Ninja

Well… I tried it last night… and haven’t noticed anything… I’ll try again tonight and hope for the best…

52 leslie

So simple and yet so awesome. Thanks Zandra. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

53 rhianna

i heard good things about this. my friend tried it and she said she noticed a difference so i guess i’ll give it a try and report back.

54 Mea

I am eternally grateful! I don’t know what to say!
Thank you for shinning some light into a dark part of my world 🙂

55 Jn

I’m not sure about needing to wear a bra after or should I go without. My friend told me to try this and then not to wear one after for at least a day.

56 Jennifer

Thank You so much!!!

57 mmm

my husband told me to thank you 😉

58 Peanut XD

Hi im 12 turning 13 this year i need bigger breasts because this year im haveing a graduation i wear a 32A and i have a white strapless gown HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HOLD IT UP?!?!?!?! Its hard and i also have a padded brown one and my breasts won’t fit in that either! I only noticed a bit of a difference with this.

59 Angie

I hate being small-chested and desperately want larger breasts. I can’t wait to try this.
Right now, I wear a 34B. And I haven’t grown in three years.
I am 14…
Guys just LOVE big boobs and there are barely any guys in this world that like small ones and I doubt I’d ever find one.

1. I don’t care about the “pain” that comes with big boobs.
2. I don’t want a push-up bra. Those don’t work and they’re stupid.

60 winnie

Wow im gonna try this… wait exactly how many cup sizes are they supposed to grow?

61 Katie

many thanks 🙂

62 Malin Jackson

i absolutely hate my boobs. im a 32A and im 14. it sucks really bad having small boobs. i relly hope this works for me.

63 LInda M.

I heard that this can sometimes guard off the development of breast cancer in some people. Would it be wise then to use this on a regular basis, just for that fact alone? Having increase in breast size wouldn’t hurt either.

64 Sandy

I did notice a difference the next morning, but maybe it was all in my head. Maybe I just want it to work so bad 🙁

65 Clarissa

I think I’ll need to get a bigger bra size now thanks a lot 😉

66 erm...

will this work if you haven’t started your period yet ?

67 mandy

ty 🙂

68 Sianne

i don’t normally write reviews, but reluctantly I am inclined to do so.

Here’s the short and simple review. This is AWESOME! Who would have thought something so simple can make such changes with the body.

Thank you so much Zandra.

Forever grateful,

69 Samantha Kringes

thank you. i think i actually noticed a small difference.

now i have another question for you, is it true that my breast size will be the same as my mum or is that just a myth?

Samantha K.

70 Jessica

I am 16 and I’m a 34B and I’m sick of people making fun of me for having small boobs!!! Will this really help?!!?

71 DDloveanle

Hey I’m 11 and I just started to develop breasts and my friends r wearing size 36c in bras and I keep on stuffing paper and push up to make my boobs bigger so this is a great way

72 Juliana

I need help!! My bf asked my wat size I was the other day so I replyed “wat size do u think I am?” and he said b36 meanwhile Ima a size a30 embarressed I said yes I am! So now he thinksim a size b36 and I’m not!!! I wanna try this bc I’m ashamed..

73 Amber

I’m 16 years old, 5’7 and 104 lbs. I’m a 34A. I’m also severely depressed about my breast size. My breast haven’t grown since 6th grade, and I am currently in 11th. I’ve tried drinking milk, massaging them, and the “it’s all in your head” theory. I’ve tried gaining weight, but I can’t because I have such an active metabolism 🙁

74 Veronica S.

Wow. My friend was telling me about this and said I should give it a try. I’m on my first week still and I swear my breast size has changed, maybe not by much but I feel different.

Thank You!

75 Summer

Im 14 and a 36 B….have always wanted to get bigger ones! I feel left out cause all my friends are so much bigger…probably going to give this a try..

76 Kylin Roberts

Funny, my boyfriend was the one who told me about this method and I thought he was making it up. I checked it out here and tried it for about a week and surprisingly I noticed a difference. Not sure if it was all in my head or what but I’ll keep doing it to see if it continues.

Thanks for proving my boyfriend right 😛
Kylin R.

77 Janice Craigs


78 anna brown

i hope this works

79 Veronica Naroquit

My Aunty was telling me about this home made recipe for years. I always thought she was joking around. I guess it’s time I try it.

80 pammy kroes

i tried this for 3 weeks… didn’t notice bigger breasts… definitely more firm but not bigger …

81 Nikki

o hai! I was just wondering how drastic these afects are.. Im 12, and obviously still growing. im not really flat, accually normal for my school (almost on the larger side :P) I just want a small diffrence. not so big that people go “WOW WHAT DID SHE DO TO HERSELF!?” so i jsut wanna know, how much of a diffrence does it make?

82 Amy Dreason

Thank You 🙂

83 Nella Calder

Im kinda disappointed so far. Im probly half way through my 1st week and haddnt notice the changes like some of my friends have with this. My breasts r harder, but don’t think there bigger. Do I need to like give it more time or somethin or wate a year??? BTW I am 12 years old.

84 shalena

I’m 15t unconffident or anything I just wanted to try … and I’ve been a DD for at least 4 years….im noand this made my Brest bigger!

85 Sarah S.

I understand that this has worked for many people, but I was just curious as to why it’s so successful at increasing the breast size? More specifically, what exactly is in the ingredients that you mention that work so well. I’m writing a review (with full credit to the source) and would just like to know how in your opinion does it work and effect the breasts?

Thank you for your time,
Sarah Sommers

86 Emily S.

I was just curious Zandra, is it possible to make up a big batch of this and keep it for a while? I just don’t want to have to make this every night and have my family wondering what I’m doing, it would be too embarrassing. And also, does it need to be refrigerated or can I leave it in my closet (cool dry place)?

Emily S.

87 Kaitlyn R.

Two of my friends used your remedy during the summer holidays and came back to school at least a cup size bigger!!! I’m definitely going to give this a try too. Does it matter if I haven’t had my period yet?

88 Jenna Peters

I’m getting desperate!! I’ve tried almost everything and I’m still smaller than all my friends at school. I’m going to give this a try tonight!

89 Salena Danos

my skin is normally really sensitive. sometimes i’ll even find a pimple around my nipples. will this cream cause me to break out? not that i have a boyfriend who will see it, i’m just worried ’cause these pimples really hurt.

90 Dee R.

I’m so tired of having tiny boobs. I’m smaller than all my friends. I’m so desperate, I’ll try anything. I’ll try this for two weeks to see if it really works and I’ll post back. Thanks!!

91 Sarah Jones

First, I just wanted to say thank you. And second, I’ve been following your directions for the last 9 days and do notice a difference in the size of my breasts but I’m now noticing my left breast is really sore. It started yesterday morning and it’s still there today. Is this normal?

92 Allesha Wulastu

On wikipedia it says that some cultures in Africa use similar ingredients, but instead of breasts, they used it for thighs and buttocks. Is that where you got this from?

93 ashley kopland

i’ve tried almost everything to increase my breast size like massaging them, eating right, and drinking lots of milk but none of them work. and my parents won’t let me go on birth control pills yet. i’m tired of people telling me that my breasts will grow and just be patient. all my friends are a b cub or more. i’m still an A 🙁 i’m desperate. i really hope this home remedy works.

94 alex simpkins

ya i think i noticed a difference maybe not a huge difference but ill keep doin it and hopefully other people in my class will notice…thanx

95 Chelsea Lonklater

Awesome! I don’t quite understand why this works, but thank you Zandra.
The women in my family all have bigger boobs and I don’t understand why I don’t (I’m 15), none of them were late bloomers either. I wish I knew why this is, I’m still a small A cup but I hope to notice more of an increase with this.

96 Kasandra

OMG thank you soo much. i love u a lot. i love this. Cant wait till a couple more weeks. my breasts will be larger! thanku times 10000

97 Miranda S.

Hi Zandra,
will this still work if my breast size is very small? I’m 17 years old and really need some help with this. For 3 weeks I’ve tried circular massages with oil but haven’t noticed any change. I heard that contraceptive pills will help but I can’t affort them. A friend told that your remedy might help but I fear I’m too small. I’d appreciate any insight you might have can you please email me

98 Sophia D.

I’m not doing this for anyone, especially for any man, I just want to be more firm for sports. I find it so fustrating to be running and have to worry about my breasts hitting me in the face, lol. I still wear a sports bra but it does not help enough, I figure firmer breasts will be best.

99 Meg Turner

I’m curious, I guess I have nothing to lose by trying it out. Sounds like it might actually work.

100 paula s.

once i got past the soreness in my right breast i definitely noticed my bra being tighter.
it could be all just in my head but i don’t think so.
this stuff really works. thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

101 Candice B.

In your video, I see that you recommend taking a shower/bath before putting on the mixture. Is that really necessary? You said it opens up the pores in your skin for better absorption but what if you exercise before and then put it on right after? Would that be even more beneficial?

102 Cathy White

Hi Zandra, just wanted to say thanks for posting your remedy. I know it’s not some kind of curse or disease having small breasts but, speaking for all small breasted women out there, it sure feels like it. Trying your remedy wasn’t a “flat” out magic pill, but there was definitely an increase in firmness which leads me to think that I’ve at least grown a little bit in that area. Thank you again for boosing my confidence that there are natural alternatives out there, you just need to look.


103 Claire Herty

I really want to try something that is natural as opposed to going for plastic surgery and I hope that this will give me the extra boost of confidence to stay away from the knife. Thanks

104 Kiara

OMG!!! >.< I'm so happy im 11 and my friends are 35a/b and im a 32a and im happy cuz I really just want to have big boobs my sis is a 32cc and I just want to be a 32b that's all im gonna have my time of the month in 3 months so I want to look mature and next week I will update u guys and tell u if it works ^.^

105 Kiara

Well this is day 1.and I notice at school a pain (that’s normal for growing boobs).and my bra was a smich bigger. And my friend Ashlin (same age 11) and she’s so skinny and she said your lucky have boobs and I don’t so im gonna tell her that this stuff will help her and tell her the website yeah and this im gonna do till about 2/3 weeks and yea so this us wat I use
1. the lotion
2. Rub at 9:30 at night
3.wear no bra at night btw when u are older your boobs will be saggy;(
4.see improvement
5. Enjoy the results
And this will help soo enjoy your new chest Zandra gets the credit bye 😛

106 Sophia N

Can you please send me the video?? OMG I’m so glad that I found your blog!! My breasts haven’t grow for 2 years already!!! I think I have the smallest breasts in my grade!! So I really need YOUR help ! I really hope this remedy for small breasts will help me ……Thank you Soooooooo much !!

107 K. L.

🙂 Thanks 🙂

108 Gina Priest

I’m 44 and at my age the risk of breast augmentation is so much higher than I feel comfortable with, so I’ve been looking for an alternative to surgery. I started using your cream and noticed my breasts have started to firm up (which seems almost impossible at my age). It’s funny, my breasts feel (and look) like they did 10 or 15 years ago. I’m so grateful for these results.

109 julie w.

I am so happy with my results so far. I started using this remedy thing for small breasts about 3 months ago and the changes are VERY noticeable. First the obvious, yes, my breasts have become much more firm. I haven’t gone up a cup size or anything, but they are so much mor firm, even a little softer too, lol. Even the skin around by breast area has become more clearer, I seem to break out often there. And best benefit is that my libido has increased because of the confidence. Thank you thank you (:

Julie Wheeler

110 Jessica Bex

I have been on the lookout for something natural to try and increase my breast size. Actually I have one that is a little smaller then the other and I feel so self conscious about it. I’m going to try this but only use it on the smaller one and see if it makes a difference. Has anyone else experienced one breast smaller than the other?? Or am I just a freak lol.

111 Robin Sari

My friend recommended this to me but I’m currently breastfeeding. I know that when I stop breastfeeding my breasts will decrease in size and I was wondering if this could be used to stop that decrease? And also, can I put the cream on while I’m breastfeeding or should I wait until I stop? I would really appreciate any answer anyone can provide. Thanks.

112 belle a.

its been 2 weeks and i have a slight swelling and some kind of spot on my breast. i stopped using the breast cream. i wouldn’t recommend trying this.

113 Kasandra T.

I haven’t been using this religiously as I probably should, but when I did for the first couple weeks I did actually feel a little fuller so to me… those are pretty darn good results.

Thanks for the tip 🙂

114 k. larue

so far ive been using the cream for a 3 weeks now. my breasts are slightly fuller now but i have yet to see any noticeable change. i will continue using this until the 7th or 8th of the month and really hope it works =]

115 A. Peters.

I don’t know if this is a coincident or what but my acne has cleared up considerably. And my nipples are really really sensitive (not in a bad way lol). Besides that I’m not sure how much of a difference the beast size has been but it’s only been a few weeks.

116 Paige Lexon

Well it’s been a month now and I haven’t noticed an increase in my breast size, except my nipples have become more tender. Is this a sign that it might be working? Do I need to give it more time? I’ll continue to use it for another month and hopefully I’ll nice the increase that I’ve been praying for.

117 my life

i really goin to try this cuz… 13 with 38a size breast n my friends r lik c’s or d’s n i caught my boy friend lookin at my friend big breast n ppl at school make fun of me n some boy tld me i was pretty n all i need is big breast to be the total package n i wnt to be tht girl

118 I need help!!!

I just came across this and ive been wanting to grom my breasts because ive been 32A or 34A for the past 2years -.-
And they guys at my school make fun of me because i have a small chest, my sister is a 36C and my mom is a 34B and i want to be atleast a 30C i hate having a small chest and hopefully this really help me cause im always sad cause i have a small chest and if this helps me i would be so happy xD
And thank you thank you thank you so much hopefully this really helps me and helps me become happy 🙂

119 syd

im so excited about this! im not sure if it will work but im hopeful. and i have been looking for something that could help me with my small boobs because im almost 15 and im STILL a 32A and sooper short so people always think im like 10 so im hoping this will work!!!!!!!! =) THANKS!!!!!!

120 Lexie

I find it kinda sad with all of these 11-14 year olds all concerned about their breast sizes. If you are above 14 years old, it might be kind of normal. Usually your breast size stops growing by 16 or 17 at the latest… unless you have huge changes in weight. For all the younger ones concerned, you will grow regardless of what you do, taking this or not. This has worked for my younger sister, she was 16 and still an A cup, (poor little one), and now she is suddenly working her way into a full B. She is very happy. :3 though still jealous of my D’s XDD she won’t be jealous when I start getting back problems.

121 Dana

I’m 25. Ihave small breasts. can I use this formula?
Thank you

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