Stretch Marks

This home remedy for removing stretch marks works so well, in fact you’ll notice they’ll disappear within 3 days. I have 5 children and have suffered the side effects of having stretch marks, but once I applied this solution, it was gone within the 3 days. No more worrying about wearing a bathing suit, lol.

I need to stress that fact that the water used must be distilled water and not regular tap water, mainly for the fact that tap water has a lot of other things in it that will bind with the other ingredients.

Another thing to remember, in the article it’s outlined that this remedy needs to be applied to the stretch marks at least 6 times a day but it shouldn’t be used no sooner than 2 hours. Anything longer than that and you’ll notice your skin burning.

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1 melanie


Im 13 years old, and i had stretchmarks on my boobs. I really noticed a difference in a few days.

2 j39o

I’ve had stretch marks on my boobs and my inner thighs. there was a noticeable difference. thanks

3 funnybunny

Hey, the best tip I can give is also using Vitamin E oil at the end of the day. Like it says up top! I know how horrible stretch marks are… But the oil works well too 🙂 Good luck everyone!


Ive Had Stretch Marks since i was 15 and used this remedy and the truth this actually works.


5 v

thank u

6 b.

Does anyone know if they come back. I really don’t want those marks to come back, is this just temporary?

7 kitty

I’m having trouble applying this to my lower back, can teh stretch marks be too deep for this to work???? Anyone know???

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