Tooth Ache

This is one of my famous home remedies, it’s for curing a tooth ache and it all the ingredients are probably already sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now. I know that any kind of tooth pain can be excruciating and most of the time any kind of relief is needed. This can reduce the pain by as much as 95% as long as it’s applied properly. You’ll still feel a little pain but it will be greatly decreased, almost to the point where you won’t notice it.

As I’ve outlined earlier, you’ll need to make sure that the baking soda is very cold first before you add it to the other 3 ingredients. Sometimes I like to put it in the freezer anyways, so it’s easy to use if you have to use it for a tooth ache.

I can’t help but stress this, you should always consult a dentist or some kind of specialist about any kind of pain, especially if it has to do with your teeth. Remember, pain is the bodies way of telling you something is wrong. This home remedy for curing a tooth ache will mask those symptoms, but don’t use it as a cure.

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