Yellow Teeth

This home remedy is for curing yellow teeth and turning them white almost instantly. No need to use any drastic chemicals, this is a very natural and economical way to treat your teeth. You’ll most likely already have most of the ingredients at home. Most of the treatments you’ll find on the market today have originated with these exact same ingredients. And no, you don’t even touch baking powder which is very abrasive and will strip the enamel off your teeth.

I only recommend this treatment once a day. Anything more than that and it’ll upset your stomach and give you other problems. And once you have the desired color to your teeth, then you can use this once a week or once every second week to maintain it.

And one more thing. In order for this home remedy for curing yellow teeth to be fully effective, the broccoli should really be organic. And make sure the bananas are well ripe, there should be no green in the skin.

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1 haley

im gonna try it! hope it works!!

2 karan

sounds interesting i think i’ll give it a try

3 Mia

Simple yet just so effective. Thank you thank you!!!!

4 ramya

thanks for ur service and god bless you

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